For me the design is a means to make a message pass by the product, to change the life of the persons who use it and not only a nth product which is a copy improved by what already exists. I always have to wish to bring something furthermore in my projects. I like being in constant research, by experimenting new things, get knowledge me even if it does not relate directly to the design.
I think that it is in this way that the ion brings something furthermore in a new concept.

W O R K   E X P E R I E N C E

Freelance Designer
Waxdesign — France

Industrial Designer 
évolt — France

Consultant: Design & Marketing Director
CSO Yachts — France

Product designer
Zoodesign — Xiaolan, China

Intern product designer
Axena — Bailly, France

Intern product designer
Axena — Bailly, France

Inter Interior design and graphic design
Blue Loft — La Gaude, France
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